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Disruptions Search

The Disruptions Search provides you with a complete list of all known current and expected disruptions on the motorways and major A-Roads. Why not try selecting the date of your trip to see if there are any planned events or roadworks that are expected to cause delays?
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Traffic Information
Current Road/Slip Closures Future Road/Slip Closures
Road/Slip Closures
Shows current and future road and slip road closures which could impact your journey.
Major Disruption
Major Disruption
Shows an event that represents a major incident or significant delays and you may wish to re-plan your journey.
Current Incidents & Congestion Future Events
Incidents & Congestion & Future Events
Shows current unplanned incidents causing delays e.g. accidents or obstructions, and future planned events.
Current Roadworks Future Roadworks
Shows current and future roadworks that may affect your journey.
Adverse Weather
Adverse Weather
Shows current adverse weather conditions which may be causing disruptions or delays
Road / Direction of Travel
  • Select to display traffic information on A-Roads or motorways from the drop down menu
  • Select the name of the A-Road or motorway from the drop down menu
  • Select the direction you wish to travel – North, East, South, West, Clockwise or Anticlockwise

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